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Offer Xbox 360 GPU Replacement 65NM X810480-001 with HDMI 100% Tested for ZEPHYR OPUS FALCON




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Offering refurbished Xbox 360 GPU replacement 810480-001. Our Xbox 360 GPU replacement 810480-001 support test before shipping. Fast shipping is valid for Xbox 360 GPU replacement 810480-001.
Xbox 360 GPU replacement 810480-001
Features of Xbox 360 GPU replacement 810480-001:
1. Refurbished with high performance.
2. Our xbox 360 GPU replacement X810480-001 has already reballing.
3. Please be careful with every step when you repair,we can not provide warranty after you already reballed or soldered on the mainboards!
4. Other Xbox GPU replacement are also suit for ZEPHYR OPUS FALCON, such as: X810480-002, and X810480-003, and X810480-004

Kindly reminder:

Although all of our xbox 360 BGA chips are 100% tested before shipping, before you solder them, please test and check them, any resistant failed value or demetic damage faults which can not meet your demand, please send them back for exchane. And the xbox 360 BGA chips are only with 3 months warranty, but if you already soldering them, we can not provide warrany any more.

Xbox 360 GPU replacement 810480-001

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Tuesday 14 August, 2012

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 14 August, 2012.

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